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Anderson, Leslie

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  landerson@crmail.k12.ar.us


Ballard, Lisa

ABC Teacher

  E-MAIL  lballard@crmail.k12.ar.us

Bandy, Angie

Literacy Specialist


  E-MAIL  abandy@crmail.k12.ar.us


Bearden, Tina

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  tbearden@crmail.k12.ar.us



ABC Para Professional


 E-MAIL  kbeith@crmail.k12.ar.us




Bell, Jenny

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  jbell@crmail.k12.ar.us


Bessee, Dawn

Teacher Center Coordinator


  E-MAIL  dbessee@crmail.k12.ar.us


Braswell, Melissa

Reading Recovery Specialist


 E-MAIL  mbraswell@crmail.k12.ar.us



Broadway, Amber

School Psychology Specialist


 E-MAIL  abroadway@crmail.k12.ar.us



Brown, Debbie

Administrative Assistant to Career Education


 E-MAIL  dbrown@crmail.k12.ar.us



Brown, Leon

Technology Coordinator


 E-MAIL  lbrown@crmail.k12.ar.us


Burns, Brittany

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  bburns@crmail.k12.ar.us


Castor, Pam



  E-MAIL  pcastor@crmail.k12.ar.us


Clayton, Ashley

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  aclayton@crmail.k12.ar.us


Cleveland, Elece

ABC Para Professional


 E-MAIL  ecleveland@crmail.k12.ar.us




Coburn, Sharon

Gifted Education / ABC Coordinator


 E-MAIL  scoburn@crmail.k12.ar.us





ABC Facilitator


 E-MAIL  scoffman@crmail.k12.ar.us


Cook, Laura Lizanne

Media Clerk / Courier


 E-MAIL  lcook@crmail.k12.ar.us


Cook, Laura Henry

Community Health Nurse Specialist


 E-MAIL  laura.cook2@arkansas.gov




ABC Para Professional


 E-MAIL  rcriswell@crmail.k12.ar.us




Damron, Misty

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  mdamron@crmail.k12.ar.us


Davis, Kimberly

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  kdavis@crmail.k12.ar.us




 E-MAIL  rdever@crmail.k12.ar.us




Dickson, Jamie


  E-MAIL  jdickson@crmail.k12.ar.us


Dillinger, Page



 E-MAIL  pdillinger@crmail.k12.ar.us





ABC Para Professional


 E-MAIL  measley@crmail.k12.ar.us




Emery, Michelle


  E-MAIL  memery@crmail.k12.ar.us


Everhart, Katie

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  keverhart@crmail.k12.ar.us


Finch, Debra

ABC Teacher


  E-MAIL  dfinch@crmail.k12.ar.us


Fletcher, Tracie

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  tfletcher@crmail.k12.ar.us


Frye, Shannon

Early Childhood


 E-MAIL  sfrye@crmail.k12.ar.us




George, Lori

Early Childhood


 E-MAIL  lgeorge@crmail.k12.ar.us




Golden, Rachel

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  rgolden@crmail.k12.ar.us


Grimmer, Christie

Early Childhood


 E-MAIL  cgrimmer@crmail.k12.ar.us






 E-MAIL  whall@crmail.k12.ar.us




Handwork, Jada

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  jhandwork@crmail.k12.ar.us


Harmon, Lee Ann

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  lharmon@crmail.k12.ar.us


Hinson, Annie

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  ahinson@crmail.k12.ar.us


Hively, Rachel

ABC Teacher


  E-MAIL  rhively@crmail.k12.ar.us



Early Childhood


 E-MAIL  choney@crmail.k12.ar.us




Horn, Keri

School Psychology Specialist


 E-MAIL  khorn@crmail.k12.ar.us




Horsley, Peggy

Early Childhood


 E-MAIL  phorsley@crmail.k12.ar.us





ABC Para Professional


 E-MAIL  ajames@crmail.k12.ar.us




Jennings, Carla

ABC Teacher


 E-MAIL  cjennings@crmail.k12.ar.us




Jones, Karla

Literacy Specialist


 E-MAIL  kjones@crmail.k12.ar.us




Kennedy, Sherry

Team Digital


 E-MAIL  sherry.kennedy@teamdigital.org




Landreth,Toni Rae

ABC Teacher


 E-MAIL  tlandreth@crmail.k12.ar.us




Langston, Rebecca

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  rlangston@crmail.k12.ar.us


Lansdell, Cindy

Early Childhood


 E-MAIL  clansdell@crmail.k12.ar.us




Lee, James

Math Specialist


 E-MAIL  jlee@crmail.k12.ar.us




Lester, LeAnn

ABC Assistant Coordinator


 E-MAIL  llester@crmail.k12.ar.us




Loggains, Bridgette

Early Childhood


 E-MAIL  bloggains@crmail.k12.ar.us




Marquis, Shannon

ABC Para Professional


 E-MAIL  smarquis@crmail.k12.ar.us




McElhanon, Janee

LEA Supervisor Armorel, Earle, Osceola


 E-MAIL  jmcelhanon@crmail.k12.ar.us




McNeely, Carolyn

Career Education


 E-MAIL  cmcneely@crmail.k12.ar.us



Meeks, Deborah Young

ABC Para Professional


 E-MAIL  dmeeks@crmail.k12.ar.us





ABC Para Professional


 E-MAIL  jmoore@crmail.k12.ar.us




Morrison, Kandi

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  kmorrison@crmail.k12.ar.us


Mullins, Lelonah

ABC Teacher


 E-MAIL  lmullins@crmail.k12.ar.us




Murrell, Cathy

Administrative Assistant to Director / Special Education


 E-MAIL  cmurrell@crmail.k12.ar.us




Naylor, Beckie

Literacy Specialist


 E-MAIL  bnaylor@crmail.k12.ar.us





ABC Para Professional


 E-MAIL  bnelson@crmail.k12.ar.us




Niemeyer, Sandra

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  sniemeyer@crmail.k12.ar.us


Nichols, Amanda


  E-MAIL  anichols@crmail.k12.ar.us


Noles, Mary

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  mnoles@crmail.k12.ar.us


Parham, Kristal

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  kparham@crmail.k12.ar.us


Phipps, Kathy

Assistant Bookkeeper


 E-MAIL  kphipps@crmail.k12.ar.us



Rhoads, Pam

APSCN Student Support 


 E-MAIL  pamela.rhoads@arkansas.gov




ABC Teacher


 E-MAIL  kschlueter@crmail.k12.ar.us

South, Allison

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  asouth@crmail.k12.ar.us


Stokes, Kristen


  E-MAIL  kstokes@crmail.k12.ar.us


Stovall, Wendy

School Psychology Specialist


 E-MAIL  wstovall@crmail.k12.ar.us



Walters, Kati

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  kwalters@crmail.k12.ar.us


Walton, Lisa

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  lwalton@crmail.k12.ar.us



ABC Para Professional


 E-MAIL  swestmoreland@crmail.k12.ar.us




Willbanks, Kimberly

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  kwillbanks@crmail.k12.ar.us



ABC Para Professional


 E-MAIL  ewilliams@crmail.k12.ar.us





ABC Para Professional


 E-MAIL  jwilliams@crmail.k12.ar.us




Williams, Jennifer



 E-MAIL  jwilliams@crmail.k12.ar.us



Wilkinson, Sharla

ABC Teacher


  E-MAIL  swilkinson@crmail.k12.ar.us


Wilson, Kay



 E-MAIL  kwilson@crmail.k12.ar.us



Wilson, Melanie

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  mwilson@crmail.k12.ar.us


Winslow, Tammy

Science Specialist


 E-MAIL  twinslow@crmail.k12.ar.us

Winders, Paula

Early Childhood


  E-MAIL  pwinders@crmail.k12.ar.us



ABC Para Professional


 E-MAIL  mwoodall@crmail.k12.ar.us

Wright, Krista


  E-MAIL  kwright@crmail.k12.ar.us



ABC Teacher


 E-MAIL  swright@crmail.k12.ar.us





ABC Teacher


 E-MAIL  lyocum@crmail.k12.ar.us