Required PD 2019 - 2020
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Required Professional Development for 2019-2020: Teen Suicide Awareness and Prevention


Courses available on Arkansas IDEAS (

•    HWG14011    More than Sad: Teen Suicide/Depression        2.5 hours
•    HWB15054    Something to Talk About: Suicide Awareness        2.5 hours
•    HWB15058    Gatekeepers: Youth Suicide Prevention Awareness    2.5 hours
•    HWB19041    Suicide Prevention: Looking Deeper (available June 17th)    2.0 hours

Approved Materials and Resources for in-house Professional Development can be found at
Professional Development Rule “The required professional development under this section [Teen Suicide Awareness and Prevention] may be accomplished by self-review of suitable suicide prevention materials approved by ADE.”

From the Guidance and Counseling Unit [regarding this subject matter]: “The key is to focus on signs to lookout for, and protocols to follow when you have a student who may be suicidal, or exhibits suicidal ideation.”